Monday, November 29, 2010


holidays=COOKING:D yes i'm the BIBIK when holidays come..olala~i hate it o yeah!well if i'm not doing that probably my ears going to explode!dush me!talking about the picas yes onion is the best thing in da world if u wanna cry.i did a lot:D ngee~crying in the kitchen hahah~women always cry in da kitchen not because some1 hurt us,it just because some some things hurt us really dats y women do cry a lot in the kitchen.dont blame us if u see women cry blame the ONION!hahah~i always dont wanna peel of the onion so do the other women in the whole world~ngee but we're not lazy it just we dont want others underestimate us why we cry a lot in the kitchen!haha~so all the engineers out there please help us INVENT the machine how to peel the ONION!:Dngee~no OFFENCE yeah:D


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