Monday, November 29, 2010


i always wanted to give a card to my mom.but i guess i'll never do dat!she i guess didnt deserve to get that. what the h**k u wanna give dat to undeserved mother?i'm sorry to say but dat's a reality in my life as well as my dear brother life.we're living with our grandparent n uncles as well as aunts.our life was pretty good well we're living with grandparent what would u expect.well we're first n second grandchild in da family we're so tender to them.they cared about us like we're a platinum to them:) i LOVE them:) they're everything to me and my bro.we're so close like supposedly that should be to our parent but who cares?they grows us up.they give us everything not just material but the most is LOVE and CARE:)well living with them is fun but got some unhappy things also.well surely love they gave to us kinda different from what others get from parents but their love for us is UNDEFINED!we're choose to live with them till we're both went to boarding schools.yeah parent visits us some time but we're never get into them.i always said to my nanny dat i love my grandparent more than i love my parent.we lived with them till they CLOSED their eyes forever for the past 2 years.that really ruined my life a bit but live must go on.but still my brother n i never getting closed to our MOTHER.but we're bit closed to our father but no as close as us to our uncles n aunts.for me uncles n aunts were no 1 despite them.i cried a lot when i saw my friend were very closed to their mommy n daddy.but me?kinda sad.bu never mind fate is fate.i know there sure must be a benefits behind it..

~the daughter who never feels like having a mother;(~

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