Monday, November 29, 2010


ngee~the whole day tak mandi today:D ngeee......yes mmg sye ni sgt mls nk mandi:Dlalalala~tp by the time i'm taking my shower i did it very well!!ngee~


holidays=COOKING:D yes i'm the BIBIK when holidays come..olala~i hate it o yeah!well if i'm not doing that probably my ears going to explode!dush me!talking about the picas yes onion is the best thing in da world if u wanna cry.i did a lot:D ngee~crying in the kitchen hahah~women always cry in da kitchen not because some1 hurt us,it just because some some things hurt us really dats y women do cry a lot in the kitchen.dont blame us if u see women cry blame the ONION!hahah~i always dont wanna peel of the onion so do the other women in the whole world~ngee but we're not lazy it just we dont want others underestimate us why we cry a lot in the kitchen!haha~so all the engineers out there please help us INVENT the machine how to peel the ONION!:Dngee~no OFFENCE yeah:D


it's true:D

CHILL up ety:D


i always wanted to give a card to my mom.but i guess i'll never do dat!she i guess didnt deserve to get that. what the h**k u wanna give dat to undeserved mother?i'm sorry to say but dat's a reality in my life as well as my dear brother life.we're living with our grandparent n uncles as well as aunts.our life was pretty good well we're living with grandparent what would u expect.well we're first n second grandchild in da family we're so tender to them.they cared about us like we're a platinum to them:) i LOVE them:) they're everything to me and my bro.we're so close like supposedly that should be to our parent but who cares?they grows us up.they give us everything not just material but the most is LOVE and CARE:)well living with them is fun but got some unhappy things also.well surely love they gave to us kinda different from what others get from parents but their love for us is UNDEFINED!we're choose to live with them till we're both went to boarding schools.yeah parent visits us some time but we're never get into them.i always said to my nanny dat i love my grandparent more than i love my parent.we lived with them till they CLOSED their eyes forever for the past 2 years.that really ruined my life a bit but live must go on.but still my brother n i never getting closed to our MOTHER.but we're bit closed to our father but no as close as us to our uncles n aunts.for me uncles n aunts were no 1 despite them.i cried a lot when i saw my friend were very closed to their mommy n daddy.but me?kinda sad.bu never mind fate is fate.i know there sure must be a benefits behind it..

~the daughter who never feels like having a mother;(~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

hindustan vs korea

cuti bosan erggggggggg.tpkan dok ukm lg BOSAN!nk dok mne ni?HUTAN kwn ngn TARZAN!huh:)
tp better dok hutan tak de kne bebel 24/7!tp now bilik pon dah jd cam hutan so kire cam tgh memerap dlm hutan arr.grrr :D i'm labelled as a bored person eva!but dont care as if nobody kacau!but i can be person who tak bosan to the person who really knows me well..highty mighty bestfriends!waaaaaa~i miss my bestfriends n friends:( grrr;( *crying (tp tak nangis ar nangis dlm hati jek :D) i had so many of books (well i LOVE reading) ngee~ i've read them for TEN times i guesssssss!!!! damn sumpah hidop aku bosan! n tgok BOYS OVER FLOWER untuk kali ke brape pon tak ingt! n jap g terase cam nk tgok KABI KUSHI KABBI GAM!waaaaa:)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

it made me cry:(

act by watching this i realize that i'm lacking of my parents' love:(kinda sad but what to the world u cant get anything that u want~ALLAH may give something that u dont want but just remember HE will repay with something valuable.YES it is..PROVEN..even i didnt get my parents' LOVE but HE give my my wonderful TOK YAH & TOK MAK:)i love them more than my parents' day they ask me..between us n ur parents' who do u think u will feel the lost when they're not around?sure my answer is MY TOK YAH & TOK MAK:( when they're passed away about two years back i kept asking.y ALLAH take back happiness when he gave me feel it for my 17 years???despite i'm not even close with my parents' who gonna taking care of me???i kept asking n asking..until one day i realize ALLAH have been given my UNCLES & AUNTY who understand me really well..but i now i know i will always miss my tok yah n tok mak..they my guardian angels.nobody will replace them..i miss them SO much..yes i'm LONELY:(i need them now:( i need a phone call from them for me to say i LOVE you:'( i'm having difficult tyme n i need them to cool me down..people always envy me for what i'm hving but i dont need them..what i need i THEM:( day i know i'll be meeting them:)that's the nicest thing dat i want for all my LIFE:)i dont need money or what what i need is some LOVE that i'm dreaming all day long..i never feel dat since the day they're GONE:( kinda sad but dat's the reality of my LIFE:( i miss them..more than anything else..i just wish they were here infront of me saying that they really care of me.doing the things that we always do.asking about my breakfast.remind me.ask me to do anything.talking with them.n do anything just with them:(i miss my day n nigh with them:'( i'm growing up with them all these while.kinda weird when they're not had been 2 years the leave me but i still feel they were here:( i just need some love:)the real one.after all i gone through alone:(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

let's begin with smile:)

ola~yeah till then for this STUPID sem 1!for the next sem2 i'll prefer study ay early time:D
grrrrr enough LAST minute thing!oooooooo......4 flat next sem o yeah!lalalalala~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


yeah COFFEE...dat's act isn't good but hell i will get rid of it.dat's really me:)without it i might die or slow sket TIDO lah jawapnye..ngee~
a StrawBERRY spread make me wonderful!!!hahhaah...stelah tido selama SEPULUH jam:)gagaggagagagaga.....

i'm warning dont cha ever make my day WORST after my MORNING was a BLAST:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

basoh kereta:D

mission accomplished:)
berkilat ooooooo:D
penat tp well kereta dah berkilat so puas hati arrrr....
so going back to UKM with my BIG smileeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
let's ROCK the road baby:D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

blog ready..

i knoe dis is LAME but i dont care...
dis is just me..
dont really care lah:D

p/s:y people sang my fav songs so BAD!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........
i know i'm not good at singing but please don ruin beautiful MELODY:)

this picture show i HATE her voice singing my fav SONGS:)


the reasons is:
customize my BLOG!

when bored strikes!!!!

For GOD sake please help me:)
well now i don't really wanna open my books even i really need to do so!!!
what to do cuz i'm kinda LAZY so let's turn off the BOOKS n turn ON highty mighty LAPPY:)
ok dat's me:)