Monday, December 13, 2010


cuti sem dah nk habis:( poor me!durgh i hate everything about class damn!bored but what to do i need to love i do realize i LOVE photos.i wanna be photographer!i need a DSLR.but such a long way to go.ety be patience ok?finished degree the hellooooo PHOTOGRAPHY.seriously i got lots of ideas to capture beautiful picas!please i hope i do have rezeki n i can have a DSLR!pretty please:D i do need it!puh please......................................

Saturday, December 4, 2010


minyak naek!!!!damn it lah!even 5 sen tapi 5 sen tu banyak tau ak!aku dah arr semendang tak de duit!adoi....minyak2(geleng pale)!gule pon naek 20 sen!ape nk jadi nie!so afta ni bagi naek sume benda!gaji pon kne naek gak!tak kire!sume barang mahal nk mati!lame2 bankrupt ar sume org!damn ar!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

stolen money!

i'm crying overnyte because of the lost of RM250!damn u know now that kind of money i'm using for my petrol u know:( now i dont have any money!repeat NO money at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes im so sad!